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Which Portable Record Player Should I Use For DVS?

Shoesy's Modded PT-01 Scratch Portable Record Player

There are a bewildering array of portable record players on the market today. The surge in the marketplace for collectors vinyl has added many options for portable scratchers around the world. But which one should you choose? Let’s run through a few contenders and see which ones you should spin, and which you should skip.…

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Setting Up Your Portable Record Player For DVS with Serato Vinyl

Setting Up Your Portablist for DVS

Setting Up Your Portable Record Player For Digital Vinyl Looking to find out the best way to setup your portablist system for use with DVS? You’re in the right place! ¬†Fist off – study the photo I’ve posted above. This shows you how all the wires go together, along with my recommendations for hardware and…

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