For The New Era Of Portable Turntablists

Portablism is the ultimate in expression for turntablists and scratch DJs. Too long have we been locked away in stuffy studios and back-bedrooms across the world.

Now with the help of a portable turntable and a seven inch scratch record we can cut it up fresh on the move, on the beach - wherever we feel the itch!

PT01USB Numark with Serato 7"

Machine Cut 7" Vinyl With Serato Timecode

Our seven inch control records are cut down from official Serato vinyl. They are perfect for use on your Numark PT-01 or Vestax Handy Trax, giving new levels of creative freedom through the magic of Digital Vinyl System (DVS).

Unlike DIY 'oven and scissor' methods which risk warping or damaging the grooves, our records are machine milled from their original 12″ size down to 7″ diameter.  This production method keeps the vinyl flat and round with no wonky edges or distortion, helping to minimise skips when you perform. 

PLUS Coming Soon - Traktor Seven Inch Vinyl


Machine trimmed vinyl


No warping or distortion


Free delivery within UK

Available In A Range Of Colours To Suit Your Setup

Shoesy's Modded PT-01 Scratch Portable Record Player

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